The nisgaa treaty a template for the future

A court date has been tentatively set for Novemberbut this will rely heavily on the ability of Chief Mountain to muster funding soon. And it was Trudeau who pithily summed up the intellectual thought behind that White Paper when he said: Persons who do not register to be part of the treaty will not receive treaty benefits.

The Kitselas were self-governing before the imposition of the Indian Act, we can be again. In this way, the negotiating parties have agreed to rights—rather than extinguishing them.

More explosive in consequence has been the government's sale of Crown land and the unilateral extension of park space in Sto: If you want to learn more or to join with them in support, please refer to their Web site address noted in the hand-outs.

Any sensitive information will be provided to Kitselas members personally through a mail out, community meeting or home visit.

But Chief Mountain is not fighting aboriginal self-government or treaties. Right now the Kitselas government can create laws and by-laws under the authority of the Kitselas Reserve Land Management Act, but this relates primarily to land and does not cover key areas like education, children, language and culture and social matters.

Our Aboriginal Rights as stated in section 35 of the Canadian Constitution will still exist. As part of this broader effort, the Sto: Two months after the Sto: Despite the rhetoric of mutual respect, the governments have insisted upon preconditions such as the non-negotiable status of privately owned land.

Kitselas members will still be considered Indians within the meaning of the Canadian Constitution. In addition to Mr. His title is important. Modern treaties in BC do not follow the same practices as the numbered treaties in eastern Canada. John Weston to the podium of the Empire Club of Canada. Prime Minister — amend Indian Act.

How will the information be presented to off-reserve members to ensure their full understanding? The BC treaty process is not currently being reviewed. Right now the Lands Office is not a part of the treaty negotiation process.

We are working on a way to ensure that members are involved in the Constitutional development process. The Treaty of Amity and Commerce that the United States and France concluded in was based on this treaty and was signed concurrently with the Treaty of Alliance that included provisions of a military nature.

Will there be a law to protect artifacts? The Administration continues to work toward delivering the programs we have as funded by Aboriginal Affairs, Health Canada and others.

Work on the development of a Kitselas Constitution has begun and will require the Kitselas people to agree to the structure. We will continue to correspond with members through mail outs, our website and social media. How are the treaty and lands departments related?

I fell into a fitful sleep and began to dream. The province's encouragement of development in contested areas has not helped to convince the Sto: Is this part of the Lands Management Act?

Nor will the Sto: These buttons come in the form of different symbols like a loudspeaker which links to a timeline like slide, while a tree symbol links to a slide about past, present and future growth. We continue to negotiate in good faith with the Province of BC and government of Canada.

You can recolor these sample slides like a coloring book to give them a look that best suits your ideas.The Nisga'a Treaty - Common Themes 1. There are strong legal reasons for supporting the Nisga'a Agreement and the treaty process in BC.

2. Does the Nisga'a Agreement change our country's Constitution? (If so, BC law says a referendum must be held.) 3. Questions about the economic advantages/disadvantages of the Nisga'a treaty abound.

4. In January a delegation of chiefs from the Nisga'a and Tsimshian peoples of northern British Columbia, seeking restitution from a government that had stolen their lands without a treaty or compensation, arrived by steamship in Victoria's Inner Harbour.

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The Nisga'a Treaty is a negotiated agreement between the Nisga'a Nation, the Government of British Columbia (B.C.) and the Government of Canada. It came into effect on May 11, The Nisga'a Treaty is the first modern-day treaty in B.C.

Understanding the Treaty

and is the fourteenth modern treaty in Canada to be negotiated since Under the treaty, the Nisga'a -- who first laid claim, into the land on which the provincial capital of Victoria is located and who have lived in the area for a documented ten thousand.

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The key stumbling block is the substance of certainty sought in a future treaty. Similar to other Native participants in the BCTP, the Sto:lo oppose the government's promotion of a Nisga'a certainty model, whereby Natives relinquish any .

The nisgaa treaty a template for the future
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