The history and use of the positouch system

Integrated workforce management and time stamp Appropriate workforce and schedule management can make all the difference. Credit and debit cards module management The credit and debit cards module, which is compatible with many renowned banking institutions, serves to reduce costs and risk of errors related to payment operations.

Each substantial menu change and take up to 2 hours to complete due to connection speeds with our current setup.

POSitouch POS Restaurant Systems and Software

While the functionality may be complex, it is important to not limit your online users. A need has arisen to centralize both the menu screens and inventory files. To ensure accuracy I then perform a Verify Data Structures for each site. Inventory Management Software Eliminate the guesswork - Start controlling your inventory with accurate information on product movement and cost of raw materials Recipe Creation - Track all of the items that are needed to create each menu item, allowing you to manage purchase and usage of those materials Variance Tracking - Compare physical inventory to point of sale usage to determine any issues that need management attention Mobile Solutions Available Wireless tablets and handheld devices can be used as full POSitouch terminals.

There are two ways to export the information. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. Furthermore, the system allows you to analyze your team's profitability level by generating a total sales report for each employee. You can select the kind of stocktaking to be done, such as daily, weekly or monthly.

Integrated table management Numerous features are designed to make table service quicker and easier. After creating the filter export files I copy the export file and then import the files into each site. Therefore, all transactions, whether they're sales or purchase operations, are directly forwarded to your accounting software.

On the back office PC I have created a separate install per site that I manage.

The Positouch System

I use an 80 GB hard drive in my master back office computer and at 5 stores per gigabyte of hard drive space I should be able to handle up to stores safely. The Menu screens diverged even more. Honeycomb is a white label solution and can be customized to each brand.

The Suggested Sales section of the HungerRush Admin portal offers a very simple and intuitive configuration screen.

Restaurants Solutions

It is important for you to validate the feature is supported by both your point of sale, credit card gateway and credit card processor.POSitouch is a complete and advanced point of sale system that has been setting itself apart for 25 years in the restaurant services field thanks to its user-friendliness, reliability and multiple options.

This system’s diverse features have been designed to improve customer service, modernize the restaurant’s management and improve the establishment’s general productivity.

POSitouch is the foodservice industry's most feature rich POS system. It handles all of your POS needs whether they are in Table Service or Quick Service, Country Clubs, Cafeterias, Delivery, Arenas or /5(11).

Positouch Point of Sale Systems

POSitouch gives you the power to analyze and manage your business in way you never thought possible. Identify trends, address problem areas, pinpoint winning strategies – all the data you could ever use is at your fingertips, easily formatted just the way you want it.

staying open without the POSitouch system. The thing that I like most about this system is that you can truly tell that it was developed by people in the food service industry, do to its completeness.

Oct 11,  · Using a Master POS database to Control Menus and Inventory First a bit of History. I work for a small chain of restaurants that use POSiTouch as its POS system.

For over 4 years they have implemented POSiTouch in each store.

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In each store there are a number of differences. POSitouch is a sofware product - made in Rhode Island - which allows off the shelf hardware components to be used for a sophisticated and multi-functional Point-of-Sale system.

The history and use of the positouch system
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