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Eastwood wants nothing to do with female boxers, but fate, a personal liking for the woman who calls him "boss" and some unrestrained prodding combine to change his mind. Eastwood, who, conversely, lets his trademark scowl make way for a heartwarming smile or two. Self protection is the basis for destroying an opponent, and boxers control their breathing in the most breathtaking moments.

Do not read any further if you do not want to know the ending. The dramatist started with an ending and built a story to get you there. And after much soul searching Frankie does the right thing and pulls the plug. He wants nothing to do with training a woman, perceiving women's boxing as a passing fad.

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Why do you think he disappears at the end? With still-imposing biceps and a gruff voice, he has the authority to make us follow his lead, yet the character is not without flaws.

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He was destroyed by the mere fact of being presented with the choice. Swank hasn't been the easiest actress to cast since her Boys Don't Cry Oscar, but this performance will clear all doubts of one-hit-wonderdom - not in the least because she convinces in the fight scenes and is in spectacularly credible shape.

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His only friend and confidant is the equally old former boxer Eddie Dupris Morgan Freemanwho lost an eye in his final fight with Frankie in his corner and is now reduced to the role of gym janitor.

And he's so confrontational to a much younger priest during daily visits to church that the clearly exasperated cleric finally declares, "Don't come to Mass tomorrow.

Million Dollar Baby

If you try hard enough you can find a sympathetic case. Frank isn't too keen on the idea, telling him that he's still got two or three more fights left before it's time, a statement Willie has heard too many times before from Frank.

One day a woman named Maggie Fitzgerald Hilary Swank walks into the gym. Eddie is more grounded, still keeping his eye on the talent at the gym as he drags his janitorial buckets around, looking for the spark of talent that can be nurtured into a contender, and encouraging the no-hopers to at least dream big.

While he seems like a nice guy, he is burdened with a guilt that he can't seem to shake off. The messages of the film are excellent and very well relayed by the excellent acting of Hilary SwankMorgan Freemanand Clint Eastwood.

Million Dollar Baby avoids anything that looks glamorous. The boxing matches themselves—short and to the point as they may be—are wholly involving in their own right, and Eastwood and editor Joel Cox give us the impact of each punch and the sensation of each victory.

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A diving accident in left Mrs.Million Dollar Baby () Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is a veteran Los Angeles boxing trainer who keeps almost everyone at arm's length, except his old friend and associate Eddie "Scrap Iron.

"Million Dollar Baby" is also a movie actor. Hilary Swank, who won an Oscar in for Boys Do not Cry shows that it is an extraordinary actress. Notice how his technique in boxing improves in the course of the struggles that the film shows. million dollar baby is a film directed and starring clint eastwood but he steps back enough to let hilary swank lead the film as a female boxer who rises through the ranks and becomes a contender with the help of eastwood and morgan freeman,the film has a familiar rocky story to it at first but then tragedy strikes and knocked me for six.

For more about Million Dollar Baby and the Million Dollar Baby Blu-ray release, see Million Dollar Baby Blu-ray Review published by Michael Reuben on January 28, where this Blu-ray release. Million dollar baby is a story about a female boxer who decides in her early 30's to star goes to a gym to exercise and there she finds a coach.

Million times if you see that film a. Submitted by Freddie Kipple on 17/01/ I might say that Million Dollar Baby is the worst film I've seen in years, but that simply wouldn't do it justice.

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