A study of the afterlife from a biblical point of view

Those who reject this gift, will receive what they have chosen, eternity separated from God in Hell. He teaches for an online virtual academy and also teaches private music lessons.

A Study of Heaven

While a grave can be full, Sheol is never full Prov While kever is found in its plural form 'graves' Ex As Christians, we do not grieve as those who have no hope 1 Thess. Therein he forcefully demonstrated that the Gospel records pass the test of historical-legal credibility with flying colors.

The former is a figurative expression for the latter. If nothing, life is an unfathomable mystery—a senseless riddle. While we can visit the graves of loved ones, nowhere in Scripture is man said to visit Sheol.

To live properly, we must live purposefully, and always in view of both the certainty of death and the uncertainty of when it will occur. The fact is, each of these passages in context clearly demonstrates figurative language.

In a frenzy, his enemies hurried him out of the church and to the stake. It is the hope of every child of God Titus 2: Printable PDF file of this article: But keep in mind that righteousness and holiness were the foundation of His throne.

For the author of Genesis, there is one power which transcends all others. For example, Exodus It is always a selfish act, done in disregard of those left behind to grieve.

What Happens After Death? A Christian Perspective

I once held to this idea, but after examining the significance of present consciousness and awareness of redemptive elements and blessings we have in Christ, I havecome to understand these various blessings to be those same blessings which continue after physical death, completely uninterrupted.

Father Abraham leads the way, followed by Job, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, the prophets, patriarchs, saints and martyrs, to the ravishing delight of the angels.

In fact, everything we know is based upon two factors: Jonathan Edwards, as a young man, wrote down 70 resolutions which he read weekly to help keep his life focused. It was also a political word, describing the freeing of a prisoner.

The New Testament picks up where the Old Testament left off by progressively developing the concept of what happens to the soul of man after death.

It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell. The OT saints from Paradise were captive in the sense of being confined there under the promise of Abraham of eternal life until they could be released for entrance into heaven when that promise was fulfulled through the Seed of Abraham via our Lord's sacrificial atonement for the sins of the whole world.

Such a promise implies an awareness of fulfillment when finally realized.

Biblical Views of Creation

He felt the sword of the Chinese executioner on his neck before it was lifted for the final blow, when the executioner changed his mind and let him go.

And I was His delight every day, rejoicing before Him all the time, rejoicing in His world and delighting in mankind. And those of the faith of Abraham looked forward to the same covenant promise, cp.

Sarna, Understanding Genesis New York: For more on this, see below. I desire to depart and be with Christ [Who is at this moment in heaven], which is better by far; v.

It is also assumed that because our physicality ceases, our ability to perceive physicality ceases. And while, as in any academic discipline, many questions remain open, one can trace a rather clear consensus as to the nature of the Bible, a consensus shared by most scholars whether Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish.The second key term in the biblical understanding of death and the afterlife is the Greek word Hades.

This word forms a linguistic bridge which takes us from the Old Testament view of death to the New Testament position.

Some people view the Bible as embodying the kind of truth found in fables; they expect each biblical narrative to have a moral of some sort.

But a fable is a story that is obviously fictional and told solely in order to teach a particular lesson. Lesson 8: A Christian Perspective On Death (Philippians ) Related Media In our last study, I covered these verses with the emphasis on the great truth of.

Aug 14,  · The general view of death implied by the common, deceptive NDE (a glorious Heaven for everyone, or a mediumistic worldview) is far different from the biblical view which teaches divine judgment immediately after biblical (true) death (Hebrews ) and an eternal Heaven or Hell.4/5(1).

What happens after death?

8 Bible Verses on Death and the Afterlife

Many people believe different things and it seems that there is a substantial amount of confusion on the topic of afterlife and what to believe. There are assumptions that after death, a person “sleeps” until the final judgment which then after, the person will be.

However, it is much wiser to confront our great last enemy from God’s point of view. In Fear Not, Ligon Duncan and Nicholas Reid introduce what the Bible says about the reality of death, what happens after one dies, the return of .

A study of the afterlife from a biblical point of view
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